Triad Systems grows 13% in revenue through digital projects and exports of mobile apps
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Telecommunications segment is one of the highlights for expansion of the company, which quadrupled its R&D group in the areas of app development and process automation.

Triad Systems, 
an IT company, software factory and integrator, reported a 13.08% growth in revenue in 2017. The expansion in deliveries was driven by the Telecommunications sectors as well as the Automotive and Beverage industries, which – according to company CEO Silvio Rodrigues – had better performance compared to previous years.

“In 2017 we consolidated our Location Intelligence and Analytics solutions with three major projects: two at telecommunications operators and one at a global infrastructure company, also on the Telco market. At our iTriad (Triad Systems’ R&D Institute, located in Manaus), we quadrupled the team involved in the development and export of mobile apps and industrial automation solutions, including IoT and Machine Learning,” says Rodrigues.

Triad Systems has been steadily expanding its business since 2016, when it was ranked by “Anuário Telecom” as one of the Top 10 fastest growing companies, as well as being among the 100 largest companies in the telecommunications sector in Brazil.

Triad Systems’ BPO and SaaS models drive the digital transformation of companies in different segments, leveraging business and accelerating growth. Aside from the projects with the Geo Analytics solution, the company also increased its performance in Big Data.

Exporting mobile apps with IoT

Triad Systems’ R&D Institute, iTriad, took part in the development of several dedicated smartphone and smartwatch apps for major Chinese global manufacturers. These apps have been shipped on devices around the world, some with Internet-of-Things technology. Additionally, the company has acted strongly in industrial automation projects. In 2017, more than nine machines were designed to meet specific customer needs, using Machine Learning techniques.

In 2017, iTriad was accredited by Brazil’s Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications (MCTIC), with CATI, and was deemed apt to carry out research projects nationwide. It also moved into new headquarters, with more than 200 job positions, as well as a testing and validation laboratory.

Organizational changes and new partnerships

For Triad, 2017 was also marked by organizational changes, which, according to the company, have contributed to the positive results. One was the hiring of Cleverson Novo, formerly of Ericsson, for the position of Commercial Director. The executive has over 20 years of experience in the areas of sales and consulting for the Telecom, IT, Core and Cloud markets.

Partnerships with Tableau Software, Google, Rave, S.Q.S., and Image, representative of ESRI solutions in Brazil (known as ARCGis) allowed Triad Systems to add more flexibility to its expertise in development, customization, data modeling and integration, delivering even more robust solutions to the market and providing a complete solution with Collocation and Cloud services.

In Manaus, where one of its subsidiaries is also located, Triad Systems renewed its Software Factory contracts with Yamaha and Grupo Simões, also renewed its Outsourcing contract with Moto Honda, and resumed its software development partnership with Manaus Ambiental.

And the year ended with a 13.xx% growth in revenue for the company (which does not disclose specific amounts), and several projects are in negotiations for 2018. In February, the company assures that double-digit growth will be maintained.

Targets for 2018

In 2018, Triad Systems aims to continue investing in digital projects in the areas of Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, delivering increasingly disruptive solutions that bring about new ways of looking at a business, product or service to accelerate the development of new products and services and offer better user experience.

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