Triad Systems leverages the digitization of processes for TIM’s Wholesale division
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Transformation of the mobile carrier’s processes has resulted in faster decision making and more assertive analytics



TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile) has undergone a digital transformation in its Wholesale division, supported by Triad Systems. Thirteen years ago, Triad took over the carrier’s BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), with the aim of meeting the criticality of the area’s demands with a shorter response time, generating more satisfactory results. The digitization of the processes and routines of TIM’s service chains, implemented by Triad, resulted in greater agility in the decision-making process and more extensive and assertive analyses, making the carrier a benchmark on the Brazilian telecommunications market.


According to Ricardo Arguelhes, head of the Engagement & Pre-Sales Department who has been working on the Triad Systems project for the past four years, the company’s key differential is to be specialized not only in technology but also in the Telecom business. “Triad Systems has the expertise on telecom operators’ complex business processes and is able to deliver the demands with implementations and improvements, such as Geolocation and Analytics. One example is the digitization of the information that supports TIM’s processes involving disputes, optimizing the investigative chain with a high level of assertiveness, which gives us a huge sense of security at the negotiation table,” explains Arguelhes.


Fernando Cunha, Head of Wholesale Operations at TIM Brasil, points out that the project’s main purpose is to analyze the carrier’s data so that the processes within the company become more efficient. “The Digital BPO that we developed with Triad Systems provides the user areas with the ability to track processes and routines by focusing on data analysis, not just data manufacturing. Today we have greater speed, capacity and ease-of-mind in decision making within the Wholesale division, which encompasses the sectors of roaming, interconnection, co-billing and national/international transportation,” he says.


Analytics and Mobile


The plans for TIM’s Wholesale division for 2018 are to demand solutions for Triad Systems that bring Analytics and Mobile to all information. “In this way, we will have even more flexibility and agility for making decisions. Today I already have mobile access to some reports. Our idea is to expand this access to all information and reports, and to deepen the analyses for all processes of the Wholesale division,” concludes Cunha.



Triad Systems operates strongly in the most diverse market segments with BPO, Location Intelligence, Integration, Big Data and many other IT and digital fronts, all of them very interesting and already consolidated in the market. This case from TIM Brasil is just one of many other successful cases that make up our portfolio. Are you interested? Contact us to discuss your ideas and needs!



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