A path of no return: AI is getting smarter
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* By Cleverson Novo


Machines will take actions based on your information, thereby taking business actions or risky actions that were previously done by people. What to do?



It was only a few years ago that the companies abandoned the simple data warehouse to invest in major structures of big data. Like it or not, digital technology was a fundamental fuel for this transformation. Previously, the focus was on small statistical data of sales results and product results; today there are large analyses and cross-referencing of internal and external information in order to increasingly understand the behavior of customers vis-à-vis their consumption profile.


Note that the focus of the information vision has changed: customers now have total priority for companies, and the understanding of their behavior has become the key to the evolutionary path to developing new products and solutions. Thus, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) has become of prime importance in the next step of technological evolution. Pioneering companies – such as Google with Assistant/Home and Amazon with Alexa – are ahead of pack in this race for people’s behavior. Other companies, some more advanced and others still taking baby steps, are following the same path in order to stay alive on the market.


According to Stephen Hawking, our lives will be transformed by AI, and this may be the greatest achievement in the history of human civilization. Many say that by 2040 every human being will be the center of a world assisted by artificial intelligence. But how to develop these disciplines? The evolution of neural language in the conversion of data into text allows computers to have autonomy in the development of rational actions for generating information, currently being used by companies to generate intelligent reports.


The evolution of Speech Recognition, which increasingly allows man–machine interaction in voice recognition systems, is becoming more and more intuitive. The various types of virtual agents or automation robots can already be associated with the actions of machine learning or deep learning, where the machine – based on the information – undergoes evolution of learning much like the human brain.



AI in control


Infrastructure instances may appear and disappear through requests made by the machines themselves. For example, the management of decisions, whereby the machine will take actions based on its information, thus taking business actions or risky actions that were previously done by people, plus Biometry, which will allow the interaction of the machine in the physical aspects of the structure as well as human behavior and body shape.


These are some small examples that, if well crafted, will allow for smarter AI, to the point of ushering in a different world in the coming years, where we will have digital assistants controlling the contents of your refrigerator, the room temperature in your home, TV programming guides based on your feelings, self-driving cars, and your doorman just might be an android. Technology companies have been working hard in the field of information, promoting among their customers the digital transformation necessary for them to enter the age of AI. I believe this is a path of no return, in which corporations that do not get on board may lose market share to competitors that are better prepared in these new technological waves.


Cleverson Novo is Commercial Director at Triad Systems.


Triad Systems and iTriad, Triad Research and Development Institute, are working strongly in the market with the fronts of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Integration, Computational Vision and many others, all quite interesting. Contact us to discuss your ideas and needs!



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