Digital Portfolio

A portfolio of new solutions baptized TRIADIGITAL!
To us, the focus is providing a new outlook on business by companies.
IN REPLY TO OUR CUSTOMERS’ BIG QUESTIONS, exploiting available information and diagnosing behavioral ruptures, we have been able to leverage their results efficiently and to impact their corporate and end customers’ digital experience.

Location Intelligence

Once more as pioneers, we are able to convert geographical solutions into APPLICATIONS HIGHLY RELEVANT TO BUSINESS. Using the from business to technology focus, we give priority to understanding our customer’s chief pains and in a few weeks we develop Location Intelligence solutions that accelerate their decision making and diagnose business behaviors that were unknown to them. By making TECHNOLOGICAL CHALLENGES TRANSPARENT, we deliver high-performance solutions for big volumes and big business challenges. MARKETING, NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE, WHOLESALE, FRAUD, REVENUE ASSURANCE, CALL CENTER, among other areas, are already benefiting from TriaDigital’s Location Intelligence cases.

Big Data

We master all the KNOW-HOW AND TECHNOLOGY at TriaDigital to work with big data, and as a highlight, we are Vivo’s big data factory. Our team has provided outstanding results to our customers. With differentials such as efficiency and IN-DEPTH KNOWLEDGE OF THE BUSINESS, we are able to accelerate big data implementation wherever we go.


It is of no use having millions of data at hand and not knowing how to monetize them. At TriaDigital we bring together ALGORITHMS FOCUSED ON BUSINESS by customers with expertise by data scientists and CROSS-FUNCTIONAL teams, and point out where their pains are located and the best way of remedying them. The result is more assertive decisions and an INCREASE IN REVENUE AND ROI by customers.


We love to develop applications and believe that digital business requires mobility. Whether our own or our customer’s ideas, developing applications that make daily life easier, optimizing processes or connecting people, make our investment in mobile technologies worthwhile. TriaDigital’s apps are developed with User Experience (UX) concepts and may be integrated to social networks and purchasing platforms.


The surge in the use of wearable devices and smart machines defies big data solutions on the one hand, yet on the other creates UNRESTRICTED POSSIBILITIES and a complete change in our lifestyle.  Triad’s encounter with IoT started with the development of our VAS solution, which processes and makes financial transfers from IoT, passed through SOLUTIONS DEVELOPED IN OUR R&D INSTITUTE, iTriad, to industrial automation and has occupied a priority position in TriaDigital’s road map.

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